How Architecture and real estate are combining

Have you been to any real estate fair or expo in the recent times? If so, you would have noticed how the industry has changed over the years. What used to be salespeople standing and explaining the various attractions of the property, the access, the value etc, is now represented in images. You will see laptops on every table and the minute you show interest in some project, you are treated to visuals.

So are real estate companies getting technically sound and creating visuals for to attract more customers? Or are they getting architects involved? More often than not, it is the latter. Today the architects and real estate companies go hand in glove to get a project recognized and sold completely.

So how are they combining?

Architects are involved in the projects from the very beginning to get attractive designs and ideas. These need not be full-fledged buildings. They can be just landscaping and plots too. The architect’s job is to create something pleasing to the eye and convincing to the mind so that people show more interest and become potential buyers.

There are many websites that offer such designing and basic architectural drawing services. We chose the best Architectural visualisation site located in perth and had our property look more attractive and valuable during one of the fairs. This got us more attention than our old school way of explaining things on the laptop and passing pamphlets with information.

This is a great exposure for the architects as well. Whether their ideas and designs materialize or not, their names are used when these models are shown. The architects get a good platform to showcase their skills on and also build contacts.

Only when there is a place to build in, does an architect have a job? By working alongside real estate companies, architects stand to gain to a great extent.