Ten Things To Consider Before Rushing Into The Property Market

As per rule, you should start earning and then invest your money in a home. But does it really pay to invest in the property market? Here are ten things that you should consider before investing your money into this asset class. Read the ClimateCounts Solar light ratings before you decide on it.

Do you have the upfront money?

The property market investment means that you need to have a good amount of capital to invest into it. Make sure that you do your math properly to understand if you actually have that much cash to invest.

Monthly EMIs

If you are investing in buying a house then you need to calculate the EMI payments to be borne per month also.

Do you need property?

If you have planned to stay in one place for the rest of your life then it makes sense to invest into a home. But if your job is such that you will need to keep moving then it is best to rent a house than invest into one.

Is the market already saturated?

If you have decided to purchase a property in a particular place then check if the market in that area still has a potential for real estate investment. If the market is saturated then you may look elsewhere. This is particularly useful if you are planning for investment.

Is the property close to your workplace?

Check if the property is close to where you work. This will save you on a lot of travel time.

Papers and documents

Make sure to check from the builder that all the property papers are in place and that the builder has adhered to all the rules.


Buying a house also means that you need to maintain it. Do check that you have enough resources for regular maintenance.

Loan tenure

Try to opt for a loan tenure that is fewer and less you pay off the debt faster.

Do not get lured by bigger homes

Bigger homes look attractive but are also expensive. Consider what you can afford now and stick to it.


Look for a home insurance policy as soon as you decide to buy a property.